Graphic Design Trends 2018

Small businesses have to use effective graphic design to stand out from the crowd in increasingly busy marketplaces. It is important for your brand to sell itself, providing potential customers with something to remember you by. Logo design is the perfect place to start. If you think your brand could benefit from the help of a freelance graphic designer based in Birmingham, UK get in touch today!

A good logo design must speak about your brand, be easily recognisable, and timeless. Many logo design and graphic design trends come and go quickly. I’ve rounded up my favourite 2018 logo design and branding trends that will stand the test of time.

1.Creative Typography Logo Design

A growing trend in logo design and branding in 2017 has been calligraphy and typography logo design. Many logos are now made up entirely of text providing a contemporary and stylish look.

However, it is just as important to stand out from the crowd with a typographic logo. Your branding and logo design should communicate your business instantly.

Negative Space

A few examples of unique typography based logo design include the use of negative space. These logo designs make use of negative space to provide an innovative look whilst maintaining the text’s readability.

Hand Drawn

Another logo design trend, is a fun hand drawn design. Moving away from perfectly smooth calligraphy scripts this branding trend gives a young and playful look perfect for casual restaurant branding, or poster design. I made use of this trend last year when working on a branding project and graphic design for Bright Tuition. A tutoring company based in Birmingham who needed a freelance graphic designer to help with a full branding package design.

If you’re looking to re-brand and could use the help of a freelance graphic designer based in Birmingham feel free to contact me here

Freelance Typography Logo Design Birmingham

2. Responsive Logo Design

First came responsive web design, and now follows responsive logo design. A successful logo design will appear effectively on a wide variety of devices and assets. These vary from large scale poster designs to mobile browsers. Many businesses now require a whole set of logo variations to meet increasing demands!

Responsive logo design Birmingham

Source: Pinterest

3. 80s & 90s Inspired Graphic Design

Colour palettes from the 80s and 90s are increasingly making their way on to packaging design, graphic design and poster design. This fun trend makes use of abstract pattern design alongside bold colours and a hand-drawn look. Perfect for independent retailer branding design.

Freelance Graphic Design and Branding Birmingham

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4. Animated Logo Design

With increasing mobile browsing comes increasing opportunity to make content more engaging for your customers. Animated logos are a perfect way to grab the attention of your customers. Many large companies have made use of this graphic design trend over the past year! A perfect way to add interest to online banner design, email newsletter design, illustrations and web design.

Animated Logo Design Birmingham UK
Freelance Animated Logo Design

Source: Pinterest/Uber

5. Colourful Branding and Graphic Design

The use of strong, bright colour palettes in graphic design is an increasingly popular way to gain attention from your customers. This trend was used in my project for Bliss Tea. A coffee shop in Birmingham who were looking for a freelance graphic designer to help with packaging design.

Colourful logo designer birmingham

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