Attracting Customers Through Branding

Attracting Your Dream Customers Through Graphic Design & Branding

As a graphic designer, I know the importance of fully understanding both the brand, and consumer we are marketing towards with any project. Knowing who your target customers are, and knowing how to attract them is half of the battle when trying to make your branding effective. Having a general idea of who you want to attract to your business will help, but going one step further and finding out exactly who your customer is, what their values are and what they engage with will be crucial when it comes to your graphic design and branding.

The first step of attracting your ideal customers through graphic design and branding is to know exactly WHO that customer is. As tempting as it is, you can’t appeal to everybody – if you try your branding will end up bland and lifeless, with no real personality. You need to be specific, and have a clear idea of the exact type of person you are aiming towards. Once you have done this you can work with a graphic designer to creative effective branding that will consequently inspire your dream customers to engage with your brand.


The first stage is to find out as much as you possibly can about the people you want to market towards. Find out about their lifestyle, routines and favourite products. Find out about their values, aspirations, worries and what is important to them. A new marketing concept coined ‘Wantedness’ reveals how important it is as a brand to reflect your consumers, care about their values and respond to their needs. The study revealed that 72% of people in the UK only consider brands that show they understand and care about “me”. You can read more about ‘Wantedness’ here.

It’s a good idea to start conversations with your customers, asking directly what they find important and what they value in a brand. It would also be beneficial to ask them questions about their lifestyle, including careers, hobbies and the type of media they consume.

Who Is Your Target Customer?

If you’re unsure about who your ‘dream customer’ should be, the best place to start is with your own business. Look at your own business values, story and background, alongside the product or service you offer. Who do you think this should appeal to?

Next look at your current customers. Which customers communicate and engage with your brand frequently? Who purchases your products or services regularly, and who has spent the most money with you? Another interesting thing to look at is the type of people who are following and engaging with your business on social media.

Once you have this information you should start to see a pattern emerge. The people you think your brand should appeal to, should hopefully be the same type of people that are regular customers, or following you on social media. If not you have two choices: refocus your business to appeal to the customers who are already attracted to you, or rework your brand and graphic design to attract the customers you think would be better suited.

Adapting your branding and graphic design

Once you’re an expert on who your customer is as a person you can start tweaking your branding and graphic design. Make sure it’s geared towards the people you want to attract, communicating the right story and values and speaking to the right people. Let your branding and graphic design do the work in attracting your dream customers or clients.

Look at competitors in your market, as well as companies who may not be in the same business but are aiming towards the same customers. This will be a great starting point for you to find out what’s working well already. It’s also a great idea to look at who your target customer is engaging with on social media, as well as the types of books, magazines and tv shows they are consuming.

By the time you’ve done all of this research you should have a crystal clear idea of who your customer is. You should start to see a pattern leading you to the type of branding and graphic design your target market responds to!

Ensure your branding, including logo design, website, packaging design and any other customer facing marketing products reflect your brand story and values. Remember, these should be perfectly aligned with the values and needs of your target customers. If you feel your current branding doesn’t do this, it may be time to hire a graphic designer and rebrand.

A graphic designer can help you build a brand with personality, making the most of your brand story and values. It’s important to be personable and have a connection with your target customers, this builds trust and goes back to the ‘Wantedness’ theory. The more you reflect your customers values in your branding and graphic design, the more likely they are to be attracted to you.


With your excellent knowledge of your customer, and perfected branding design you should now know exactly the type of content you should be putting out to attract more of your ideal customer. Publish consistent, targeted content in places that your ideal customer will see it. For example if you’re targeting females between the ages of 18-24 it’s important for you to be present on Instagram, if you’re targeting the 35-44 age group you should probably be on Facebook and Pinterest.

Make sure the graphic design of all your content – including printed marketing, social posts and website banners are consistent with your branding to attract your dream customers. Ensure typefaces and colour palettes not only reflect your brand but are also aligned with what your customer wants to see.

Stay Relevant

Finally, to continue to attract your dream customers it’s important for you to stay relevant. Your branding and graphic design should stand the test of time and appeal to your customers for years to come. Regularly reflect on your content, are you sharing information that your target customers care about? Are there any current events that resonate with the values of your customers that you should be talking about? Are the photographs and designs you are using still appealing to your target customers? You should consistently ensure your brand is aligned with who you are targeting. A great way to do this is to continue researching your customer, and how their lifestyles and values change throughout the year so you can continue to be relevant.

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