Tea + Coffee Graphic Design and Branding

A round up of my favourite graphic design and branding projects for tea and coffee products!

Made Coffee Can Packaging Design

Packaging design for Made Coffee features detailed illustrations depicting the coffee roasting process and a beautifully fresh colour scheme. Made Coffee makes use of the upcoming trend in Serif fonts, alongside popular hand-drawn lettering. This gives an overall look that feels modern, though at the same time hinting at retro design.

Coffee Shop Packaging Design
Coffee Shop Branding Birmingham

Teahouse Illustrated Branding

Teahouse Exclusive’s illustrative packaging design evokes feelings of relaxation and serenity. This cleverly reflects the feelings the brand hopes people will experience whilst drinking the tea. With limited colour palettes, and illustrated designs backing onto untreated cardboard boxes. The overall image of the packaging design is organic and luxurious.

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Tea Branding Graphic Design
Tea Branding Design

Ripple Coffee Graphic Design

A vibrant and fresh image for a coffee brand which hopes to give drinkers the same feeling. Hand-drawn illustrations inspired by coffee farms give a wholesome tone to the packaging design. The typography is playful and easy to read, reflecting their ‘handcrafted coffee’ tagline perfectly.

William Whistle Tea Branding

Eccentric packaging design and branding for a playful tea brand mixing unusual combinations. A limited, mainly monochrome colour palette makes use of a singular splash of colour to reflect specific flavours across the tea brand. Whilst intricate illustrations take inspiration from the victorian era, and reflect the brands passion for discovery and travel.