Top Health and Beauty Graphic Design and Packaging Inspiration

My favourite inspirational graphic design and packaging projects for health and beauty brands.

Botanics Skincare Illustrated Packaging Design

Combining a bright colour scheme alongside clean typography, the Botanics skincare branding portrays a fresh and clean brand persona. With flower illustrations and photography the Botanics packaging design reflects the brand’s plant based ingredients.

Colourful Cosmetics Branding and Graphic Design

This abstract, modern packaging design stands out from the crowd against other cosmetic line designs. Bright nature-inspired illustrations decorate the label design reflect the natural ingredients used in the product. Mixed with a stylish serif font, and sleek silver packaging design this cosmetic company branding appears upmarket yet fun.

Rihanna Fenty Beauty Packaging Design and Branding

A muted colour palette alongside unusual shaped packaging design makes the Rihanna Fenty Beauty packaging design stand out from the crowd. Whilst the outer packaging design features spray-paint style illustrations sitting opposite to a simple sans serif logo.

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Scrubd Men’s Grooming Logo Design

The simple, textured packaging design for this new men’s grooming brand gives a clear, easily recognisable look. With all packaging featuring the same design, minimal changes differentiate the various products. These changes are in the form of  natural, yet colourful tones reflecting the product ingredients.

Modern Branding and Graphic Design Project

Whilst most supplement branding and graphic design is dull and uninspiring, Ruffo took the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with their fresh and bright packaging design. The youthful colour palette alongside hand-drawn lettering gives an approachable and laid-back personality to the brand.