Food + Drink Graphic Design Inspiration

Coffee Roasters Graphic Design

The earthy, insect themed branding for Käfer Coffee + Roaster gives a trendy and sleek look. Simple line illustrations adore the paper label designs, with a muted colour palette reflecting the various flavours of coffee. The Beetle logo design provides an instantly recognisable mascot for the Coffee shop that can be adapted to sit on packaging designs, menu designs and various other products.


Coffee Shop Logo Design
Coffee Shop Branding Design

Drinks Branding Design

Soda Press Co. branding is cheerful and attention grabbing. The simple design alongside a bold colour palette gives a youthful look whilst retaining a premium-product feel that would sit comfortably in stylish restaurants. Sans Serif typography, and a unique colour palette on top of stripped back glass bottles give a vintage feel to the overall design.


Drinks Bar Graphic Design
Drinks Bar Branding Design

Ready Meal Food Packaging Design

A bold identity for this frozen food brand allows it to stand out against all competition on the market. A step away from traditional ready meal packaging, Gourmade’s colourful packaging design gives a fresh and healthy feel to something usually considered the opposite.


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Food Packaging Design Branding
Ready Meal Packaging Design

Chocolate Branding + Graphic Design

NASA chocolate features a modern, illustrated packaging design. Playful illustrations decorate the packaging, which has a natural, craft paper texture. A gold foil logo design brings a grown-up aspect to this packaging design project.


Illustrated Branding Design
Hand Lettered Packaging Design

Biscuit Packaging and Branding

Fortnum & Mason’s redesigned Florentine packaging design brings a contemporary feel to the product, whilst retaining traditional features that made the product what it is today.  Bold, eye-catching shapes and bright colour palettes reflect the various flavours of the biscuits.


Fortnum and Mason Food Packaging Design