Reasons To Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer

A good graphic designer can be a priceless investment to your company – allowing your brand’s image to attract your dream potential customers and making you appear trustworthy and professional. However, the same way the right graphic designer can make your reputation, the wrong one can also break it.

As a small business, investing money in your design and brand can be a big step. Money is often tight when starting out, and it’s important to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a graphic designer to work on your brand.

Large companies often have in-house graphic designers to work on branding, marketing and any other design work the company might need. However, as a small business or start-up you’re probably looking to outsource your design work, which leaves you with the decision of whether to hire a graphic design agency, or a freelance graphic designer.

Here Are A Few Reasons You Should Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer:

More Flexibility

One of the key differences between a freelance graphic designer and a graphic design agency is flexibility. An agency has a strict time schedule, with many projects and clients to juggle meaning adapting to your suited time frame might be out of the question. However, as a freelancer I can easily move my schedule around to help out whenever you need jobs urgently.

More Cost Effective

As mentioned above, as a small business budgets can often be tight, and it’s important to think about value for money when it comes to hiring a graphic designer. As a freelancer I have no expensive overheads such as an office, or employees to pay which is always the case with graphic design agencies. However, a lower cost doesn’t mean compromising on standards. As a freelance graphic designer reputation is everything, I place high importance on putting the upmost effort and care into all of my projects, and won’t rest until my clients are happy. This means you’ll almost always get better value for money with a freelance graphic designer.

Time Efficiency

We briefly touched on this above, however freelancers aren’t only more time-efficient when your projects are urgent. In general, freelancers are more time efficient always.

Without a chain of people and tasks that are involved when working with a graphic design agency, a freelance graphic designer can usually get the job done quicker.


When working with a graphic design agency you’ll rarely deal with the graphic designer themselves. Your ideas, messages and revisions will often go through a long line of people before they get to the actual designer working on your project. This also works in reverse – once your design is finished it will be passed around a large number of people before getting to you – sometimes delaying the final product unnecessarily.

When working with a freelance graphic designer you can communicate with the designer directly, ensuring there is no confusion, and no ideas are lost in translation. You will receive the final design as soon as it’s finished and can discuss changes and revisions with the designer directly cutting the project time down.

The choice between freelance graphic designer and graphic design agency entirely depends on your business and it’s specific needs. Of course, there are often times when working with a graphic design agency will be more beneficial – for example if you want someone to handle a wide range of services in one place. However, if you are looking for good communication, value for money and time-efficiency I’d recommend working with a freelance graphic designer.

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