Step By Step Design Process

My Step-by-Step Brand Design Process

Since starting work as a freelance graphic designer my design process has been changed and refined a fair few times. I’ve been able to eliminate some unnecessary steps, and build upon more important ones. This in turn has allowed me to mould and perfect my creative process into what it is today – an all-round effective work plan.

Each client is different, so my graphic design process allows me to adapt and come up with considered, bespoke design solutions that are unique to your specific project. However, the general basis of my design process remains the same – ensuring no rock is left unturned and resulting in a refined and perfected final project that fits your brand to a tee.

I typically split my brand design process up into five key milestones – design and brand briefing, thorough research, idea and concept generation, refining of the design idea and finally delivery of the completed brand identity. Every section of my design process allows you to refine and perfect your branding project a little more – resulting in a well researched, extensively considered, unique brand identity reflecting your story, personality and target-market.

Here is the step-by-step process I follow with all of my graphic design, branding and web design projects:

Design & Brand Briefing

Step 1 – If you’re looking to work with me as a freelance graphic designer, whether it be on a branding project or any other design work you may be interested in, firstly get in touch here! I’ll typically get back to you on the same day, with a few questions about your business, design ideas you may already have and any other details!

Step 2 – In this step I’ll get to know you and your brand, we’ll meet up for a coffee, or chat on the phone and come up with a project brief! You may already know exactly what you want, or we may come up with a brief together. Either way, this is the step that we define the project details – including timescale, final deliverables and budget.


Step 3 – Now’s the time to gather inspiration from competitors, key brands and your target-audience to help steer the design process in the right direction. Mood boards and visual inspiration will be shared, and we’ll collaborate on the exact direction we want to take the design project!

Idea and Concept Generation

Step 4 – At this stage I’ll design various concepts and idea’s for you to choose from. I’ll provide mock-ups and wire-frames so you can see your project come to life. This is a turning point for the project, as we start to expand on ideas we love, and eliminate others leading us closer to the final product.

Refining Idea

Step 5 – We have decided on the final direction for your project – you now have the chance to tweak and refine the design until the final product is perfectly suited to your brand. At this point we’ll explore all the different elements of the branding to ensure they’re all perfectly suited. This ranges from fonts and colour palettes to packaging prototypes and stationary materials. This is a collaborative process and we will discuss and refine ideas until we achieve the perfect brand design for you.

Delivery & Launch

Step 6 – Now it’s time to reveal your new brand to the world! I’ll deliver your final files – including vectors, PNGS, JPGS and PDFS for both online and print usage. You’ll receive guidelines on how to use your new brand to it’s best potential. I’ll also be available to help out and ensure you have everything you need to launch.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, whether you’re looking a logo design, web design or complete branding design get in touch today! I’m a freelance graphic designer based in Birmingham, UK. I can help give your brand the personality it needs to thrive!

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