How To Tell If You Need To Rebrand?

Do You Need To Rebrand Your Business?

Does your brand tell the right story?

What seemed like the right brand design when you started your business, may now no longer reflect what your brand has evolved into. You may now be aiming towards new markets, offering different products or even expanding into new locations and your initial branding may no longer suit the business. If your business has increased it’s offering to include new products, target new customers or expand into new locations you need to ask yourself the question ‘Does this branding still reflect my brand vision?’

Airbnb provides a great example of rebrand to ensure the brand design is telling the correct story. The original Airbnb brand design was a generic, outlined letterform logo that could belong to any start-up. The company rebranded to a new, unique icon alongside a clean and modern wordmark. The icon takes the job of story-telling – encompassing airbnb’s brand values into one simple mark that is instantly recognised. You can watch a video about Airbnb’s logo story here:

Logo Branding Design Airbnb

Is Your Branding Still Relevant?

Does your current brand design still reflect what’s important to your customers? Over time popular values and opinions change, and your branding needs to be adaptable to suit this evolution.

An example of a brand which has evolved to suit the changing values of it’s customers is Aerie. Aerie, an underwear and nightwear company targeting young women, announced a few years back that it would no longer retouch model images. The brand switched it’s old serif type logo to a new, hand-lettered logo fitting their new vision of natural imperfections.

When to rebrand your business

Is Your Branding Easily Recognised?

One of the most important aspects of a good brand design is for it to be easily recognisable. One glance of your branding should leave potential customers with the correct feeling, and the message you are trying to portray. This is especially true with packaging design – important messages can be communicated through the design of your product’s packaging. For example – doodle-style illustrations may portray a fun, youthful personality, whilst untreated cardboard packaging alongside hand-lettering may put across an idea of natural, unprocessed products.

A perfect example of an easily recognisable brand design is Coca-Cola. The distinctive, calligraphy style script alongside that iconic shade of red instantly tells the viewer that they are looking at Coca-Cola product.

Coca Cola Logo Brand Design

Do You Stand Out Amongst The Competition?

The one thing your brand design should do is lead customers to choose your product over others on the market. It may be easy to become swept up with design trends and popular branding looks, leading to your brand becoming lost amongst a sea of similar products with similar designs. Reposition yourself in the marketplace, and allow yourself to stand out from the competition with a unique brand design that tells your business story perfectly.

Do You Need To Streamline Your Services Under One Identity?

As your business has progressed you may have started to offer additional services or products that you are offering under the same brand name. If this is the case, a rebrand to help realign your company’s offerings may be beneficial.

An updated brand design, focusing on all of the different service offerings your business may have today, will help you present yourself as a unit, and portray a focused brand vision.

Is Your Branding Outdated?

Your brand colours, fonts or graphics may appear outdated in today’s market place. If this is the case, customers may be choosing competitors with a stronger brand image over you. Customers associate credibility with a brand that has a fresh and modern look.

Eharmony recently redesigned their branding to a more modern and friendly looking design. Their old logo used a dated type face, alongside a bold ‘e’ which dated the brand design further. The rebrand makes use of the original teal colour palette, but also introduces more bright colours for a fresh look. The new, rounded typeface brings the brand design up to date – allowing it to compete in a now saturated market.

Eharmony Rebrand Logo Design Before and After

Has Your Target Demographic Changed?

A rebrand could be beneficial in helping you connect with your target audience. Depending on the age of your brand, your audience may have now grown older, and you may find yourself aiming to a new generation of young people.

Eharmony Rebrand Logo Design Before and After

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