Illustrated Packaging Design Inspiration

Craft Beer Packaging Design and Branding

This striking packaging design for ‘Hopfest’ mixes modern typography with classy, vintage illustrations achieving a fusion of old and new. Striking colour palettes differentiate between the various drinks, whilst a unique bottle shape allows the product to stand out on the market.


Brewery Branding Design
Brewery Graphic Design Branding

Coffee Branding + Illustration Project

This playful illustrative packaging design gives a youthful and friendly personality to Mt Comfort Coffee. Doodle style illustrations cover the otherwise simple paper packaging, whilst a hand-drawn typography logo continues the ‘perfectly imperfect’ style.


Illustration Graphic Design Packaging Design
Illustration Coffee Branding Design

Olive Oil Packaging Design and Branding

Luca and Linus Olive Oil packaging was designed to reflect the passion and temperament of Italian cuisine. Simple Olive illustrations in a bold colour palette and ‘falling’ pattern cover the bottle design. Sans Serif and calligraphy style typography bring a touch of sophistication to the packaging design, allowing it to sit in line with high-end products.


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White and Gold Branding Design
Illustrated Food Packaging Design

Farm Food Graphic Design

Fun food illustrations bring this packaging design to life, giving the Farm Food Butchers brand a playful personality. The hand-drawn look to this graphic design project reflects the brand’s origins as a small, family-owned business.


Kids Food Illustration
Food Packaging Design for Kids

Fun Illustrative Baking Brand

The simple, but bold graphic design of this project communicates the idea of the product – that small treats can produce intense flavours. The vibrant colours of the labels sit opposite to the untreated cardboard packaging, whilst hand-drawn typography decorated with crumb illustrations gives another playful touch.


Fun Food Graphic Design
Cupcake Branding Graphic Design