Illustrated Packaging & Graphic Design

A roundup of my favourite illustrated packaging design and graphic design projects.

Beehive Honey Squares Packaging Design

Designed as a concept for a new line of breakfast cereals, the Beehive Honey Squares packaging is fun and illustrative. Due to this, the packaging attracts both parents and children alike. A grown up typeface alongside fun illustrations and a bright colour palette creates the perfect contrast, hence appealing to a wide range of customers. Rather than the traditional square cereal box, Beehive Honey Squares uses a cylinder style box to further stand out from competitors.

Fun Packaging Design Illustrations
Illustrated Packaging Design Birmingham

Fiasco Gelato released a festive, illustrated Baileys + Hot Chocolate kit as a Christmas special. The fun, doodle-style illustrations and calligraphy style font work well opposite the luxurious gold foil. As a result the packaging design gives the feel of a lavish gift without appearing stuffy.

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Illustrated Hot Chocolate Branding
Illustrated Branding

A packaging design project aiming to rebrand healthy food options, in order to make them more fun and appealing. The packaging features hand-drawn patterns of the contents. The colour palette is bright and fun, yet the information sleeve works as an opposite, with more natural colours reflecting the natural, healthy contents. Most of all, hand-drawn illustrations are an ideal way of making healthy choices appeal to children. Hence healthy food in this type of packaging will attract parents.

Illustrated Packaging Design
Packaging Design Illustrations

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