Monochrome Branding + Graphic Design Inspiration

The boldness of monochrome patterns and illustration can sometimes make as much as, if not more of an impact than bright branding design. The contrast in colours allows the packaging design to stand out on the market, while the chic colour palette allows rough, doodle-style illustrations to retain some sophistication. Here’s a round up of my favourite monochrome branding and packaging design projects:

Illustrated Monochrome Beer Branding

Black and white ink-style patterns decorate the labels of this beer. The imperfect pattern design sits alongside clean and modern sans serif labels on this packaging design. This gives a high-class, quality feel to the design, whilst remaining approachable and avoiding a stuffy appearance.

Wine Bottle Label Design
Illustrated Beer Bottle Label Design

Black and White Food Packaging Design

Detailed line drawings feature alongside bold labelling on this food packaging design. The intricate line illustrations reflect the Indonesian origins of this product, whilst large block labels containing the product name bring a modern feel to the brand design.

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Illustrated Monochrome Packaging Design
Monochrome Food Packaging Design

Hair Styling Branding

This hair styling brand achieves a sleek and modern look through monochrome branding. The metallic monochrome colour scheme gives a futuristic feel, whilst serif logo and detailing ensures a traditional stylish look remains. To soften the design the simple line patterns are imperfect – ensuring the packaging design retains a youthful overall look.

Pattern Black White Packaging Design
Monochrome Product Design

Graffiti Style Restaurant Graphic Design

The monochrome colour palette of this restaurant’s branding and menu design allows the graffiti style lettering to do the work, without appearing too brash or in-your-face. A fun, but chic look has been achieved by mixing classy colour palettes with youthful lettering and fun pattern design.

Monochrome Restaurant Branding Birmingham
Patterned Restaurant Branding Menu Design