Signs That Your Branding May No Longer Be Working

Signs That Your Branding May No Longer Be Working

As discussed in previous posts, your branding is a hugely important part of your business. Your visual identity should tell your customers what you’re about, build trust and attract your target market. Over time your business may grow and change, you may end up targeting a completely different audience, or your audience may have grown and changed. In these cases you might find yourself in a position where your branding and graphic design is no longer working for your audience. It might be time to grow and change alongside your market, to ensure your visual identity and design is working in the best possible way. 

Rebranding might seem like a big and scary move, but when done in the correct way it can have a huge impact on the success of your business. If your visual identity and graphic design rebrand is done correctly, it can be a message to your customers that you are doing well and growing, which in turn builds trust. A tactical rebrand can also help you refocus, and target an audience that may be more suited to your brand. 

A great example of a clever rebrand is Moonpig. Their old logo was gimmicky and positioned the brand almost as a joke store, leading to misconceptions that they only sell comedy products. The new logo is sleek and modern, whilst retaining the fun personality at the heart of Moonpig. It allows them to target a wider audience and doesn’t limit the brand in any way. 

Below are a few key indicators that it might be time for you to invest in a rebrand!

You Want To Change Your Image

The wrong branding may have lead to you attracting a completely different type of customer than you initially set out to attract. Think about Burberry, not so long ago the brand was associated with gangs and had negative connotations. A subtle rebrand repositioned Burberry back at the high end of the market, where they initially set out to be.

If you find your brand is not attracting the customers you are aiming for, it may be time to rebrand. The correct branding and graphic design can not only lead to you attracting your dream customers, but also allow you to expand into different products, and even raise prices. 

You’ve Outgrown Your Brand

When you first started out, investing in a graphic designer for your branding may have been the last thing on your mind. You may have gone for a cheap or DIY solution that’s just no longer working! You can read about the benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer here. 

You might now be competing in a bigger market than you initially were when you first started out. A DIY’d or cheap and generic logo might end in you missing out against competitors with professional and effective branding design. Customers expect more and more when it comes to the visual identity of brands. It’s important you look the part if you’re serious about attracting and keeping customers. 

Your Branding Isn't Consistent

Without a professional graphic designer working on your visual identity, your message and branding may have become confusing over time. You may have a DIY logo, with stock images scattered across your social media pages and a huge range of different fonts, colours and styles. This can be confusing to your customer, and lead to confusion when trying to figure out who you are targeting. 

A strong, cohesive brand will help you build a recognisable visual identity, that your customers will recognise instantly. Rebranding to achieve a consistent look will not only help you look professional and build trust, but also actively target your ideal customer. 

The market is ever-changing, and it’s important your brand grows and adapts to suit these changes. What worked when you first started may not work anymore, the key is in recognising this and rebranding to ensure you stay relevant and successful when attracting customers.

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