4 Fun Typography Trends in 2018

The style of typography you choose for your logo design or branding can communicate a huge amount about your business. Different styles of font inspire different feelings, catch attention of varying target customers and create easily recognisable branding. Here are four of the most popular font trends to perfect your graphic design this year.

Geometric Typeface Design

Geometric typefaces have seen a boost in popularity over the past few years. Clean, straight lines ensure the letters are easy to read, whilst distinctly modern design gives an interesting futuristic flair. The clarity of Geometric typefaces makes them ideally suited to logo design, signage and branding and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more and more projects making use of Geometric typography this year. 

Geometric Logo Design Inspiration

Hand Lettered Logo Design

Quite the opposite to Geometric typefaces, hand-lettering continues to be a strong trend in 2018. Offering a distinct, personable image when used in branding, ranging from beautiful calligraphy to quick brush stroked letters. Perfectly suited to add some interest to poster design, illustrations and book cover design. 

If you think your business could make use of a hand-lettered logo design, get in touch today!

Hand Drawn Typography Design Birmingham

Vintage Graphic Design Trend

Slightly worn, charismatic and decorative, taking inspiration from vintage logo styles is a huge trend in typography. Vintage style typography has a classic appeal, suggesting experience and years of expertise when used in branding and logo design projects. 

Vintage Style Logo Design

Serif Typography in Graphic Design

Opposite to the wide-spread use of Helvetica style fonts, Serif fonts are once again creeping into graphic design projects. Providing a familiar and retro charm, Serif fonts feel warmer and more inviting than the alternative. I expect to see increasing use of Serif fonts across advertising, poster design and digital design over the next year. 

Serif Logo Design Trend

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