Why Do You Need A Style Guide?

Why Do You Need A Style Guide From Your Graphic Designer?

If you’ve invested in a graphic designer to create you the perfect logo and visual identity for your business you’ve decided that care about your branding, and the way your customers perceive your business. I’m sure you’ve asked for various sizes and file types to use your logo across marketing, social media and stationary. The next piece in the puzzle is asking your graphic designer to provide a style guide. A style guide is a document that basically explains how to keep your branding and visual identity consistent and effective. You can read about the importance of this here. 

What Is A Style Guide?

Typically, a style guide includes guidance on the use of your logo, your colour palette and chosen typefaces. Depending on your branding design your style guide may also include brand patterns or icons. It’s handy to have this information in one guide for you to quickly reference when needed. 

Your Logo

You may think you don’t need guidance on how to use your logo, however it’s important you have a basic understanding of how the spacing should work around your logo, the file types you should use and when, and how to resize your logo without stretching, or distorting the design. All of this information will be included in your style guide to ensure your logo looks it’s absolute best at all times. If applicable, a style guide will also include information on when to use colour variations of your logo, as well as the appropriate places to use your secondary logo, if you have one. 

Your Colour Palette

When your graphic designer created your visual identity they would have selected a key colour palette to be used across all materials and reflect your brand. It’s important for you to have the correct colours to hand to ensure all materials going forward reflect your newly designed brand identity. 

Your style guide should specify the exact shades in your colour palette, including the specific colour references for your different needs. For example, you will need the RGB and hex codes for when you are using you colour palette online, however when printing you will need to know the CMYK reference for your colours. It’s vital that you know this information to ensure you colour palette is consistent across your brand. 


Without hiring a graphic designer, you might not think about your typography and which typefaces will sit well alongside your branding. Having typography guidelines laid out in your style guide will save you endless amounts of time when it comes to choosing fonts for your documents. Pre-specified fonts and sizing will ensure all documents will look professional and on brand, avoiding any unintended off-brand appearances. 

If you’re serious about consistent and effective branding it is important to have a Style Guide to help you stay on brand in all situations. A good style guide will also help you save time, eliminating confusion between colours, fonts and logo placement.

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